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Chris Harding during a traning session. Look at that patriotic GRILL!

Chris Harding

Resides: Pennsylvania
Weight: 225 lbs
Height: 5'09"

After training in many different martial arts gyms throughout his life, Chris settled into Real Combat Martial Arts in 1998 and never looked back. Chris is a professional fighter in Mixed Martial Arts and is an expert in both ground fighting and stand up. One of the reasons he is such an awesome fighter is that he has an extensive background in bodybuilding. He understands what it takes to make your body run like a machine and has the discipline to do what it takes to keep himself in great shape at all times.

Chris takes to everything that he is taught very fast. When he learns something new, he will train and drill until it is perfect. He always makes sure that he uses a wide range of techniques when sparring and Cage fighting.

Chris not only learns from Chris DiTroia, the founder of Real Combat Martial Arts, he also taught DiTroia a great deal about wrestling and take down defense which is one of Hardings specialties. DiTroia says, “the only time Chris hits the ground is when Chris wants to hit the ground. He has been in many fights with take down artists that could not even get him to lose his balance. That is why I take his advice when he gives it. He has proven what he knows works in full contact competition.”

Harding knows what it is like to have to defend himself in street confrontations. He put himself through college by bouncing at a night club and doing personal training work during the day. During his time bouncing, he was in many confrontations and was always able to handle situations as they arose.
Chris now teaches at Real Combat Martial Arts and has a knack for explaining, with crystal clarity, how to perform techniques


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